What is a doujin / doujinshi?

Doujinshi are fan-made works, usually manga (Japanese comics), usually paroding some other anime / manga / video game, and usually involving lots of sex. Doujinshi can also take the form of games or novels, and can feature original characters, storylines, and premises.

What does “Moe” mean?

Moe literally translates to “passion / infatuation / obsession”, but it has several other meanings in different circles. In anime-fandom, it can refer to fans’ attraction to anime women. Thus “Kunoichi Moe!” would mean “Female Ninja Passion!”, and “Doujin-Moe” would mean “Doujinshi Obsession”.

What does “kunoichi” mean?

A kunoichi is a female ninja. Historically kunoichi were mostly used to seduce and manipulate high-ranking men, as well as to act as spies, but in their modern portrayal, they are given all the abilities their male-counterparts possess.